Let’s Talk About ANIME!!!!!

While books are undoubtedly the holy grail of the universe, whose power should never be put into question. There must be other things that readers, and fellow humans alike enjoy……..

I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone alive to date has seen a TV screen, and has watched something questionable…. anyone ever watch Monsters Inside Me??? Scared The C. R. A. P. Outta Me.

BUT…… Alas, there are shows that are great, there are shows that hUrT EVERY NERVE IN YOUR BODY AND MAKES YOU CRY! Why, yes! I am talking about Merlin….. *cries alone in corner*


happy adventure time GIF

You may be thinking, “how is this in any way related to books?”

Well, my friend…. ANIMEEEEEE!!!!!!

It can be argued very strongly that they are book to screen adaptations….. because they are.

Almost all Anime is based on their book counter part. Manga.

I don’t get the chance to read much manga, because when it comes down to it in a bookstore…. I go for the shiny books that I know I need (Well, I use the word ‘need’ very loosely. But I did need them.)

But the manga I have read……

adventure time thumbs up GIF
I could reference AT foreveeeeeeer…..

So I was gonna tell you guys about some anime that I HAVE watched…. all of which is pretty awesome….. and I highly recommend.



Okie, I watched this one a while ago…. until I couldn’t find anymore episodes ;~;

But the episodes I did watch


I’ll admit after a while some of the scenes became quite repetitive, but I was such trash for this anime it didn’t even faze me. I devoured it all……

fairy tail GIF
This Would be Me 😀

In this Anime we follow our main character who is Lucy, a young celestial wizard who wants to join a guild. And Fairy Tail is more or less one of the top guilds for wizards, buuuuuut they always seem to get into trouble…. and have to save the world……. and it was friggin’ great! Now I think back on it…. it was hilarious at some points XD

2) Death Note

I am sure most of you guys have heard of this one…. they made it into a movie on Netflix….. that no one has really talked about… I know they did something to the characters, and fans of the original Anime and Manga were upset about it… I’ve heard more issues about the Light Yagami casting than anything…..


IS GREAT?!?!?!

hungry death note GIF
L is literally an embodiment of myself….. EXTRA CAKE!!

Death Note follows Light Yagami, when he finds a note book, and written on the note book are the words Death Note. So, if a name is written down….. you can essentially decide/control the who, how and when of somebodies death. To help guide him is, my fave, Ryuk. A Shinigami who was bored and decided to give the power of life and death to a human to see what would happen. L, (^^^ in the above gif going for the cake) is the super talented investigator who tries to solve who is killing all these people. He also eats a lot of cake. And Strawberries.

3) Your Name

Your Name is actually an animated movie, based off the manga. It was beautiful. Literally, one of the most beautiful stories I have ever had the pleasure of watching…. I may have to pick up the manga as well… It was too good. FUN FACT: Your Name is listed as the highest-grossing anime movie of all time…. worldwide. As it should be.

your name stars GIF by Funimation

The story follows two main characters. Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha lives in a quite, remote village and but she wishes to be in Tokyo. Taki is a boy who lives in Tokyo. These two begin to magically switch bodies every now and then. So, they leave notes to help each other…. and then the whole meteor shower ma bob…. I’m not spoiling nothing…. watch it… it will be worth it…. I CRIED! It was very emotional, but so very beautiful….and smart… I was surprised… It was quite tricksy…..

4) Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club GIF

I am currently re-watching this.


This anime follows Haruhi who is an honour student at Ouran high school. The majority of the school is full of “rich people” and so Haruhi doesn’t feel as though she fits in. She, one day, goes looking for a quite room to study and finds an old music room. That she goes inside. It turns out to be the room occupied by the school host club, who ultimately think she is a boy. She becomes in debt to them when she breaks a vase that was worth a whole lot of Yen, and so has to repay it by becoming a host… and so the fun begins…

I can’t recommend this enough. Even if it doesn’t seem like something you would enjoy. It is still worth watching. Trust Me. You won’t regret a second. 😉

Easily one of the best things I have ever spent time doing was watching this anime. Now all we need is ta second series…… Please? THEY SAID THEY WOULD BUT WHERE IS IT?!??!?!!

ouran high school host club GIF


5) Orange

This. Anime.

The main character, Naho, receives a letter. From herself. Herself from the future…. and it’s pretty epic haha.

But the letter sets a list of guidelines that she must follow because otherwise something terrible will happen. And it was just so…..

It was just so…… sad. But it was also beautiful. But really sad. It was pretty deep. It touches on subjects like depression and suicide. Some parts were quite dark. But it got better. I feel like this anime is very important. It is important to me. I shed a lot of tears with this one. IT WAS GREAT! There were some great moments in this anime though… the characters…… gosh.

There were so many cute moments and I just ……. they were all so precious and they all looked out for each other and wanted to help…..

Orange Ts GIF



These were some Anime’s that I have watched and adored, I thought I would share them with you guys. In case you guys like anime too. If not, I recommend giving it a go. Start with Ouran High School Host Club…. If you don’t like it then don’t worry maybe it’s just not your cup of tea. If you do like it. Then I may have to apologise for exposing you to it…. but I also won’t….. because anime is pretty damn good, and you may never leave your room again. Not that we ever do…. because BOOKS!

Have you guys watched any anime? What anime’s do you guys watch? Do you have any favourites? HAVE YOU WATCHED OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB??!?!?!?    CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT?????



7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About ANIME!!!!!”

    1. Heck yeahh boiiiiiii. OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB FOR THE WINNNNNN!!!
      Maybe we should contact the governments of the world and make it compulsory that every one watch it in schools…. they could learn a lot XD ….about the fancy tuna and commoners coffee 😀 ❤

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    1. Manga is pretty darn good. As is anime…. To me it’s all too beautiful. But I can understand that, I practically hoard books 😀 but I don’t have much manga. I do want to read more of it though, do you have any that you recommend?

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